Our world is nearing its end.

Global warming is taking its toll on civilization. Temperatures are increasing and sea levels are rising. Entire cities are at risk of becoming submerged.

Yet, industries continue to recklessly spew greenhouse gases into our atmosphere. Billions of tons of gases like carbon are released into the air, bringing our world even closer to impending doom.

To prevent the world from a global warming-induced collapse, immediate action is necessary. The presence of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere must be curtailed as soon as possible.

Cleansing our atmosphere of huge amounts of unwanted greenhouse gases sounds…

Art created by AI! Source

The idea of creativity is often solely associated with humans.

Our ability to draw, write, and innovate is rivalled by no other species. It’s what has allowed us to become as advanced as we are today.

But soon, we might not be the only ones with the skill of creativity. Computers are catching up, and they’re catching up fast.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has already given computers the ability to play Atari games and write like Shakespeare. They’ve even been able to create their own music and art.

Creating art and composing music takes years for many to master. It requires…

The sandwich of my dreams. Source

I vividly remember my first attempt at making a ham, egg, and cheese sandwich.

It was a Saturday morning. Determined to make myself an amazing breakfast, I rummaged through my fridge, finding all the ingredients necessary for my sandwich. I placed bread in my toaster oven and then immediately diverted my attention to preparing my ham slices.

Minutes went by. I successfully prepared my ham slices and began to crack some eggs. But as I watched the cracked egg fall into my pan, my nose picked up on an odd scent. It smelled like something was burning.

I whirled around…

Our knowledge of the human body is quite limited.

Christof Koch, the Chief Scientist at the Allen Institute for Brain Science, states that “we don’t even understand the brain of a worm.” Our body is filled with complex structures and systems like the brain, but we lack complete knowledge in how these systems actually function.

This places huge limits on our current healthcare’s effectiveness.

A lack of knowledge of the inner workings of our body leads to a decrease in the efficacy of treatment. With more data on biological occurrences, more impactful methods of treating health problems can be developed.

I find Atari games to be really difficult.

Take Pong for example. The game consists of two paddles on opposite sides of the game screen bouncing a ball back and forth. If the ball goes past one of the paddles, a point is gained by the opposing paddle. The first paddle to reach twenty points wins the game.

It sounds easy, but I find that when I play the game, I have to stay laser-focused on my screen, taking note of every miniscule movement of the ball to ensure that I prevent the opponent from scoring a point. …

Anyone that plays video games knows the immense frustration that arises from repeatedly losing.

It requires extreme determination and focus to continue playing the same level over and over, attaining in-game levels or equipment to increase the chance of victory. Some people are able to muster up this necessary determination, patiently re-playing a level until they finally win.

But often, hours of playing the same level and making the same mistakes creates pent-up anger that explodes into a fiery rage-quit. …

Computers have conquered humans — in games, that is.

It’s hard to believe that a computer can play games like humans, reasoning through actions and interacting with objects in a game. But the prowess of computers in games has already been proven; AI have mastered games like Go and Dota 2, beating top-ranked professionals in both games.

Watching these systems work leaves a lot of questions. How do these systems actually function? How did they learn to play video games without any human assistance? To answer such questions, we need to plunge into the field of reinforcement learning.

The year is 2070.

Flooding and unbearable heat have made many regions uninhabitable. Hurricanes and tropical storms often ravage the landscape, combining with particulate pollution to make the air outside almost unbreathable. Overpopulation, along with lack of habitable land, has forced many people to live together in cramped spaces, creating horrid living situations.

And, worst of all, there is a lack of food.

It is impossible for humans to create enough food to satisfy the needs of a population of over 9.4 billion people. Farms just aren’t efficient enough. Even in 2021, there were billions around the world who suffered…

Imagine if Vincent van Gogh was a computer.

Imagine if, instead of painting canvases and mixing colors to create The Starry Night, the Van Gogh computer could learn to create digital renditions of Van Gogh’s famous paintings.

A computer that can create art, like this hypothetical van Gogh computer, seems quite impressive. It’s hard to imagine computers possessing the creativity and dexterity necessary to create paintings like The Starry Night.

The truth is, though, that any computer can learn to create art like van Gogh.

Unfortunately, your computer can’t quite paint on a canvas like van Gogh could. But it…

A world of computers that create art, make music, and design clothes seems like the setting of a science fiction novel. People generally think that such innovations are far off in humanity’s history.

What if I told you that we already have algorithms that can perform these feats?

The GAN — or Generative Adversarial Network, is created for the purpose of generating unique outputs that resemble a set of inputs. Let me give an example.

Say you wanted a GAN to generate shoe designs. The GAN would be fed images of various shoes, and processes these images to generate images…

Ayan Nair

A 17-year old with dreams of impacting the world through artificial intelligence.

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